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Ames AMP Agenda


Ames AMP

Second & Fourth Thursday (6:30 PM—8:00 PM)

YSS Jacobson Building

420 Kellogg Avenue , Ames, IA 50010
First Floor—Paul Room



Agenda 5.9.19: Game Night! 

Let’s unplug from our electronic world for just an hour and play classic board games at AMP!  Board games teach multiple skills that everyone needs to know like life can change in an instant!

Agenda 5.23.19: The Court Process - What's Going On?

Jon Holscher, Story County Attorney’s Office, will talk about the court process and answer questions for youth. 

Variety AMP Camp: Apply Now!

Variety AMP Camp will be held from June 19 – June 24 at the Forest Lake Camp in Bloomfield, Iowa. Campers will participate in camp activities geared toward teens; the focus of AMP camp is to build advocacy & leadership skills, improve relationships and practice transitioning to adulthood. 

Applications are available on the AMP website so reserve your spot now!




Sunday May 12, 2019              Mother’s Day! 

Monday June 3, 2019            Food @ First – market    4:00-6:00pm  (Boys)

Tuesday June 4, 2019             Links of Life Youth Transition Conference—DSM

Thursday June 6, 2019          Food @ First – meal.     5:30-7:30pm   (Girls)

Thursday June 13, 2019        Ames AMP Graduation Celebration!


What is AMP?

AMP is a youth-driven, statewide group that seeks to unleash the full potential for personal growth among foster and adoptive youth in Iowa. AMP offers leadership opportunities, service learning projects, speaking opportunities, and educational/vocational assistance. Amp also provides the life skills youth need to become self-sufficient, independent adults.


Any youth between 13 and 21 can attend an AMP meeting if they have been placed out of the home at some point in their life. They could have been in foster care, relative care, residential, group home, or a shelter. If you have any questions,


Council Facilitator:  Terri Bailey

YSS Counseling Center-AMP Office

125 South 3rd Street

Ames, IA 50010

Office: 515-233-2250  Ext. 4575

Cell: 515-249-7089


Facebook: Achieving Maximum Potential - AMP (Group)


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