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Food at First

Food at First 


The Food At First program (in Ames, Iowa) currently consists of two parts: a free meal program, and a perishable food pantry.  AMP youth from Ames volunteer to work in the market on Monday’s and serve meals on Thursday’s as a way to give back to their community.

Free Meals

The free meal program serves seven meals per week and is open to anyone who is hungry, no questions asked. Most are evening meals, and all are served at First Christian Church in downtown Ames. While the name is similar, Food At First is independent of First Christian Church who generously allows us to use their building!  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the program is our source of food: almost everything that we serve would otherwise have been thrown away by local grocery stores and food services, but has been turned into wonderful, tasty meals! Because of that, we have PLENTY of food for anyone who could use a little help.

Food Pantry

The perishable food pantry takes the thousands of pounds of great food that are left over (AFTER taking what we need for use in the meals), and gives it away to folks who need it. Distribution happens at what we call our “Free Market”: 611 Clark Ave (First Christian Church). Because the food is perishable, we collect it and give it away at regular distributions – distributions are at 4:45 to 5:30 PM every Monday and Thursday at First Christian Church, and 10:00 to 10:30 on Saturday mornings.










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