2018 AMP Mini Conference - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

2018 AMP Mini Conference

Be Your Own Hero: 2018 AMP Mini Conference

Saturday 3.3.18 11 AM—3:30 PM

Southeastern Community College, West Burlington, IA

Discover your super power. Prepare for your future. Learn about college, and more. Gain a competitive edge through a day of adventure with team building and self-discovery. Hands-on activities and presentations that will leave you feeling empowered. Have lunch with us, stick around for a tour, and see how SCC can help you become your own Hero.

To register a youth for the SCC (Burlington) mini camp, all you need to do is email AMPSCC@younghouse.org<mailto:AMPSCC@younghouse.org>.  There is no picking breakout sessions.  Just name and where the youth is coming from.  Thanks Jan Shelman

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