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Meet Our Facilitator

AMP has hired a new facilitator for the Davenport Council!


Greeting from Veronica.  My nickname is Ronnie.  Either is fine with me.

I was raised in Bettendorf, Iowa and graduated from Bettendorf High School in 1971.

I had my first child, Jennifer, in 1974 and started an in home daycare program shortly afterward when some Palmer students asked me to watch their children.  Mindy was born in 1982.  The childcare continued for 13 years.  During this time I went to EMT (emergency medical tech) classes and also started getting my AA at SCC.  Divorce changed those directions. The girl's father took them and went to great pains to make sure I could not see or speak to them at all.

During my second marriage the move was made to the Clinton area where  I owned and ran a commercial cleaning company for several years. After closing my own business, I became a supervisor for other commercial cleaning services.

Another divorce left me going to the women's shelter for my own protection but I got the counseling I needed to guide me away from a co-dependent mindset.

As I recovered from that, I attended CCC for Computer Technology but due to health reasons was unable to get my degree.

From childhood, I have loved art.

I do a lot of different kinds of art, including airbrushing.  I also enjoy stained glass.  I enjoy competing in state art competitions and won Ducks Unlimited Artist/Print of the year in 2005.  Since then I have placed in several other art competitions.

My parents were Catholic and raised me as such but I converted the Protestant way of worship.  Love of country and the Constitution are very important to me.

Life has been difficult, but that is life.  But I have learned from it all.  We can either let it defeat us or rise above it and helps others along the way.  They say there are team players and leaders in this world.  I disagree.  I say it take a group of leaders to make a good team.  We all have the ability to lead in our own ways.

Life's experiences have allowed me to meet many people.  Rich, poor, good, evil, and everything in between.  Each has given me  gifts of knowledge along the path. Every single day is filled with new wonders for us all.  We only need reach out and take it.

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