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Des Moines Halloween Party

    Des Moines Halloween Party!  Everyone was in the spirit....the decorations were designed by our party committee....thank you John, Melissa, Tiffany and Cody.  Special thanks to Halloween Express for their cool display and DJ service...because of you our party rocked!



               AMP members dressed up for the occassion....there were prizes for best costume!


     We played a game where each contestant put on a huge pair of gloves and tried to open a piece of bubble gum then popped in in their mouth, chewed it up and the first one to blow a bubble wins!



Grimes United Methodist Church, Kathy Sheehy and party planning youth made fun food for us to enjoy!  They are so creative and always make our Halloween party a blast!




           Special thanks to our judges for choosing the best costume and dance winners.  

                                                They are from left to right:


                    Alyson Simmons, Ako Abudul-Samad, Kathy Sheehy, Ruthann Jarrett, Jan Huff, Doug Wolfe and Tanya Smith

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