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AMP meetings at Eldora are similar to AMP all over the state, with the exception that only youth residing at the State Training School may participate.  AMP meetings are a time for youth to learn valuable life skills for healthy transition into adulthood, learn about resources available to them and build relationships with youth who have similar experiences, and for them to build a supportive community of peers around them.   AMP is also a platform for the youth here to advocate for themselves inside and out of the STS.  

There are several things that could be happening at AMP meetings each week.  Sometimes the youth will listen to guest speakers about issues that pertain to them such as independent living, job skills, how to access services, social skills.  Other meetings the youth will be working on following the proper paths to make a legislative change or a policy change within the school. Snack usually make an appearance! 

A newer change to the STS is the REC center where many AMP activities take place.  Amp has partnered with Teens for Christ who operate the REC center.  There is a small store in the building where the youth can buy snacks with points they have earned.  The youth also learn job skills by working at the store, doing various jobs around the wreck center or meeting with the AMP facilitator.   


Meetings are only available to youth residing on campus.

To contact the Eldora STS Council Facilitator, Christina Scott for more information:


(319) 404-6356


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