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I have nothing but time

To face all of my crimes

To work on new skills

To help better mankind

I’ll need some more time


I know I can do this

I just have to prove it

A mountain I can move it

I know I’m not clueless


But Time, But Time


This time will be different

It HAS to be different

I’ll make it be different

I know in my mind


In time, In time


Jesus Christ is my savior

He’s the powerful creator

He always shows me favor

So my faith will not waiver


This Time, This Time


I close my eyes

But I cannot go to sleep

I try to stay strong

But my mind remains weak


What time? What time?


I feel an emotion so strong

I want to be right but I’m wrong

My life is a continuous sad song

I’ve waited for this moment so long


For time, For time



These people don’t know me

They judge me on what they see

How I look on the outside

How wrong my actions appear to be


Yes time, Yes time


They don’t know what I’ve through

But they think that they do

They only know what I tell them

Besides that they have no clue


No time, No time


They say time can make a man crazy

But time is what’s gonna save me

Though time doesn’t always faze me

Good time is what will make me


Good time, Good time



I’ll have to go through this

Day by day

Just do what they say

Just for today




The battle has just begun

But when the battle is over

The war will be won

So I keep that in mind

Placement here I come




“A Letter to My Mom’s”

I needed you mom

When I was a kid

But you were only there

For the bad stuff I did

Where were you mom?

When I was burning my wrist

How come you didn’t stay

And give me a hug and kiss

Mom where were you?

When I joined my gang

All I wanted was a family

But all I got was pain

Mom did you really

Mean what you said

‘Cause later that night

I played Russian roulette

As I placed the cold metal

On the side of my head

I wondered  if you’d care

If I ended up dead

Mom do you love me?

What kind of question is that

Then why did you beat me

With a vase made of glass

To my other mother

Why’d you have to do drugs?

You should’ve been a good mother

And taken care of us

I don’t know 

If you even care

‘Cause at my family visits

You weren’t even there

They found drugs

When they tested my hair

You left us all the time

How was that even fair

Even through your flaws

You will always be loved

Thanks to my father he lives right above

Mother I love you

Bio-mom I love you too

But next time you have a kid 

Or even adopt a kid

Try something new

End the cycle of childhood abuse



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