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Meet Our Facilitator

Facilitator - Cassandra Johnson


Cassandra Johnson or better known as Cassie is born and raised in the Fort Dodge area, she is excited to be back home to work with youth from her hometown. Cassie graduated from University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work in December of 2015, and is very fortunate to have found 3 jobs already. After working with misunderstood youth for 4 years, Cassie knew that social work was her calling. She knew she wanted to make a difference in other's lives for the better. 

Cassie is employed as a Crisis Counselor through Youth Shelter Care of North Central Iowa/Kreuger Counseling Center in Fort Dodge, and also does BHIS Counseling.  She is right where she wants to be because she is able to help troubled youth in many different ways from many different backgrounds. 


Cassie is happy to be the facilitator of AMP and has met some wonderful youth and staff already, she is excited for her journey with AMP youth.  With the help of her co-facilitator, Mrs. Kate Cardenas, AMP works with three difference groups in the Fort Dodge community: Youth Shelter Care Clients, foster youth, and boys at the Rabiner Treatment Center (Boys' group home).


Contact Cassie at 515-570-4867 or use the form below.




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