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AMP Poetry


AMP Poetry 

This is AMP
You may think you are just a mere virus to the world, a misfit
But to us you are more than you may be
We're just trying to sugar coat it; life's sugary lemons
No, it's just salt in your wounds
We have one goal only and that is to help you achieve your maximum potential!
While others strive to find their way, we help you strive to be your best!
We can't do it all so be willing to accept help
While the world doesn't see us coming...we are the searchlight for truth
We are AMP!


The man was eating a fruit
He was such a brute
He traded for his loot
Afterwards he rumbled down the chute
The man was eating a fruit


Chandler, age 18



We are brothers, best friends, twins an the biggest enimes!

I have been through fights and beat downs

We have beat the crap out of each other and said things

we never meant to each other

but no matter what we are

Always at the end of the day

we are simply….

Nothing less than…..

Brothers, best friends, twins and the biggest enimes.


Charles, age 18



The Truth


~Come on it’s not hard, it’s just the truth

It’s not like you are paying for a kissing booth

~Speak for the heart and not your ears

The heart wants more than just lies the heart wants the truth

~I see the pain in your eyes. I see the blockade of your lies

You don’t have to be ashamed we all been through that game


Alanea & Brittany



My brother kisses frogs.

And when he runs he falls over logs.

Frogs like to hop.

But don’t like to stop.

And they live in bogs.


Kyleigh, age 10



Silver is like aluminum foil

You can wrap it in a coil

A coil can be in a wire

Which is also a telephone wire which can be higher


D’Lissa, age 11



The color she had was violet

She needed a plane & and a pilot

She needed to get away from the smell

It was so bad it sounded the bell

What an awful thing that made her close her eyelets


Jerrica, age 16



It’s all about the glue

When it’s all on the blue

It’s all about you

But it’s not for two

It’s not for you to chew


Cameron, age 14



I set sight of the gold

To steal it would be bold

The gold falls to the floor

I slam the door

I sold the gold


Mynisha, age 16





If I lame out you would shun

me you would hate me

I live in fear you would

found out you would hate

me you would abandon

me I would be left

to fend for myself


Sam, age 16





I have a friend

His name is Razz

Razz makes pain go away,

Razz made me happy,

He made me pain free,

He made me bleed,

He made me feel,

Feel what no guy had me feel before.


My friend Razz has to go away,

My friend Razz has hurt me deeply,

My friend Razz is a razor blade.


Anonymous, age 16



So many mean words said, so many mean things done

I’m so sorry for all the things I’ve done but I can’t

Get the words out

The words are stuck in the base of my throat

As the tears streak down your face

The words build in my throat but the wrong words come out

The words that come out aren’t meant for you

They are meant for….me


I punish myself for what I have done

I cry every minute for how I hurt you yet my eyes don’t leak


My heart weeps for the damage that I have done

I want so badly to fix everything

I want to fix everyones problems but my own


I’m afraid to go home

I’m afraid to hurt the ones I live

I’m afraid I will ruin all that I have worked towards


I know I have to try

I know I have to fix what I’ve done

I know because my heart is telling me so

My heart is telling me I have to go home and make things right


Alanea, age 17



Life is a journey. I love to play basketball.

I hear people say you can't you'll miss

but I keep going.

I use my words instead of my fist.

I see my friends and I close my eyes

I do my best and I make my shot.....

You won't believe that I made it in.


Carter, age 11


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