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Carter's Letter

Hello, how is everyone?  My name is Carter, but some people call me “Greenlight”.  I once came from a life a two year old should never bear.  I hear people moaning and groaning that their parents are so mean to them or their life sucks.  Well, at least they knew you existed.  My mom was a sex object to anyone so she could get her hands on some drugs.  She was so high that 95% (of the time), she wouldn’t even remember that she had a child or know my name for that matter.  I developed a sense of confusion if she loved me or not.  I know now that she really did love me, but since she was high on drugs she couldn’t get pass that.  It got out of hand when I had to go to the neighbor’s house to beg for food.  If cocaine or any type of drug and I were to fall off a cliff, my mom would choose DRUGS.  I never got those hugs and kisses, or being read to.  For my birthday or Christmas, if I were lucky all I would get was an empty pack of cigarettes.


I was adopted at the age of two.  I notice right away that I lived in an all white family and had to go to an all white school.  I wasn’t used to that.  I was so used to the gun shots that were the norm back in Chicago.  I know how it feels to be turned down or forgotten or given up.  So I will be honored to take the burden and I will speak up for you and I shall take you to the promised land.  I know I can’t make a difference in all of you but I’m making a difference in YOU.  People say they want to be a better reader, but how can they do that when they never read?


I made up this quote, “Life is like a tree, all those branches are not shaped perfectly.  Some branches are dead, which in life, those could be our bad times in life”.  It doesn’t matter how hard you get thrown down, are you going to just sit there and do nothing or are you going to get back up and move forward?  When you say you can’t do something you won’t, simple as that.  Do you want to get out of here?  Then get your crap together and fix your mistakes.  The past is the past; you can’t do anything to change it.  But you can change your fate in the future.  The time is NOW.


I’m here to help you move forward in your life only about 10%, but I can only do so much.  But you have to tap into that 90%, nobody (else) can do it, it’s up to you, not me, your staff, or anyone.  It’s up to you whether you want to change or keep living the life or there is always a second option, keep living the life you are right now.  Believe it or not, I used to be in treatment.  I was in treatment for 10 months.  I could have gotten out in six months, but I didn’t care about anyone but myself.  But the most important part about that was that I didn’t believe in myself.  So I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.  You guys are not bad people, you guys just have problems that you need to correct and believe me, it will not correct itself.  You all know why you’re here; you don’t have to say anything.  But the question is, what are you going (to do) to change that?  I know that a lot of you do not trust anyone because of your past; I totally get what you are talking about.  What does RESPECT mean to you?


Do you think respect is earned or do you think it’s just given?  When you guys leave, you guys represent ALL kids in foster care, treatment centers, and adopted kids. If you see or hear people talk badly about kids, speak up.  In the Bible, it says, “All who wants to come after me (Jesus) must say no to themselves (and) take up their cross daily, and follow me”.  Matthew 6:34 also says, “Do NOT worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Every day has enough problems on its own”.  God is like the wind, you can’t see him but you know he’s there.  God listens to your prayers on his own time.  Trust me; he has a plan for YOU.  You shall bring joy to the world to the best of your God given talents but you shall NOT leave in darkness.  You shall stay away from the sake of harm’s way, NOT join it.  What will that do?  It will only make things worse than it already is.  So now my brothers and sisters we are one and we shall hold hands in harmony and shout, “WE DESERVE A CHANCE!” and together we will overcome any hardship and let every soul know, whether they treat us well or not, we will avert the fear of failure so we get to the point where we show audacity to any foe.  Let us prosper this moment and soon enough, very soon, you shall look down to find that you are wearing shoes.  Whatever else, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  What do we (do), “KEEP MOVING FORWARD”; that’s what.


Thank you.


Carter Sloan

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