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Meet Our Facilitator

My name is Miranda Messenger, I'm 27 years young. I've been the AMP facilitator for almost 2 years. This position has been a ride of amazing moments and sometimes moments of feeling overwhelmed. I love the program and what it stands for and am hoping to continue to get more experienced and better at the structure of it.  I myself was a former foster child, I've been in all the aspects of placement though. I am a mother to two little girls, Allison and Josephine, and I spend my free time either playing with them or playing piano or saxophone. I have a very optimistic and outgoing personality and I am hoping to bring a little spunk to the Burlington program.  I'm very excited about this program and grateful for the opportunity to reach out to other kids who are placed out of the home. I am looking forward to meeting all those who support and help with this program.

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