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IFAPA has received special money from Chaffee Funds for teens (age 16 and older) in foster care that can 

only be requested through June 30, 2015. This special grant can be accessed through IFAPA's Friends of 

Children in Foster Care Program. These grants will be available for up to $300 per youth for items such as: 

extra-curricular activities, educational tutoring, senior photos, prom attire, class rings, camps, etc. This 

funding is for all teens (16 years and older) in a foster care placement including shelter, foster family homes, group care, & supervised apartment living. 


To apply for this special funding, please complete a FRIENDS APPLICATION (LINK BELOW) and submit to IFAPA for consideration.

Ottumwa Minicamp 8.12.18

Posted on 07/16/2018 at 3:47 PM

Mark your calendars! It's time to re-unite with team building, swimming, camp songs, and a day of minicamp!  Camp will be held on the same camp grounds as Variety AMP Camp, giving you a sneak peak of what next summers camp will look like.  We can't wait to see you! 

Variety AMP Camp Applications are now open!

Posted on 04/09/2018 at 11:34 PM


Still spots open for Variety AMP Camp!  Register as soon as possible if you would like to join us at camp!

AMP is looking for current AMP members age 15 and older, who are interested in becoming leaders in your council as well as your community, to attend 2018 Variety AMP Camp at no cost. Youth that are not current AMP members will also be considered to attend.  Your attendance is based on the application below and your willingness and ability to follow our "Expectations of a 2018 Variety AMP Camper" which is posted on the AMP website (  Please return your completed application to your AMP Facilitator or the YSS Family Counseling Center (Attn: AMP), 125 S. 3rd Street, Ames Iowa 50010 by June 15, 2018.  Fax: 515-233-5865


Expectations of an AMP Camper               Variety AMP Camp Youth Application    
                                                                                  (press control P to print)


AMP is looking for young adults ages 18-22, who have attended Variety AMP Camp a previous year, and are participants in Aftercare, PAL or TLP, to serve as mentors at 2018 Variety AMP Camp. Your attendance is based on the application below and your willingness and ability to follow our "Duties of a 2018 Variety AMP Camp Mentor" which is posted on the AMP website ( There is no charge for your camp attendance as a mentor; you will receive a $200 stipend for your volunteer leadership and be reimbursed your cost to travel to and from camp.  Please return your completed application to your AMP Facilitator, Case Manager, Self-Sufficiency Advocate or the YSS Family Counseling Center (Attn: AMP), 125 S. 3rd Street, Ames Iowa 50010 by June 1, 2018.  Fax: 515-233-5865

Duties of an AMP Mentor                              Variety AMP Camp Mentor Application   
                                                                                      (press control P to print)


We are also looking for 10 AMP youth to be MENTEES IN TRAINING (MIT).  If you have attended camp at least one year and are interested in becoming a mentor in the future, please fill out a mentor application and put MIT at the top.  Mentees will shadow the AMP mentors this year and receive the same training to help assist campers during the 2018 camp.  They will qualify to be full mentors next year at camp if AMP staff approve and they so choose.

Ames Minicamp - March 24, 2018

Posted on 03/12/2018 at 6:39 PM

Ames AMP has cancelled their minicamp for this Saturday March 24th due to the weather report predicting snow and 30 degrees!  We have rescheduled the minicamp for May 5, 2018 and hope for warmer weather so we can enjoy outside activities this spring!  We still plan to attend Reggie's Sleepout at Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday March 24th at 5:00pm.  

Ames AMP Minicamp flyer       

Honoring homeless youth

Reggie’s Sleepout is in honor of Reggie Kelsey, a young man who aged out of the foster care system in 2001, and within three and a half months, was found dead in the Des Moines River.

Reggie had an endearing personality, but suffered from hallucinations and depression. He worried about how he would survive on his own. After being kicked out of his latest foster care placement, Reggie bounced from one shelter to another. He occasionally camped outside while working with the Iowa Homeless Youth Centers’ street outreach staff and others to try to qualify for federal disability payments.

As a result of Reggie’s death, YSS (IHYC’s parent organization), led the effort to develop the Iowa Aftercare Services Network to provide services to those aging out of foster care. The program has since been expanded to include a monthly stipend and additional services.

Reggie’s Sleepout was named in honor of Reggie, and has been held for over a decade in Des Moines at Drake Stadium.

To register for the sleepout  CLICK HERE

Be Your Own Hero: 2018 AMP mini conference

Posted on 02/21/2018 at 2:26 PM

Be Your Own Hero: 2018 AMP Mini Conference

Saturday 3.3.18 11 AM—3:30 PM

Southeastern Community College, West Burlington, IA

Discover your super power. Prepare for your future. Learn about college, and more. Gain a competitive edge through a day of adventure with team building and self-discovery. Hands-on activities and presentations that will leave you feeling empowered. Have lunch with us, stick around for a tour, and see how SCC can help you become your own Hero.

To register a youth for the SCC (Burlington) mini camp, all you need to do is email<>.  There is no picking breakout sessions.  Just name and where the youth is coming from.  Thanks Jan Shelman

Click HERE for flyer

AMP's Annual Youth Conference - Plugged In & Charging

Posted on 01/23/2018 at 11:46 PM

AMP Plugged in and Charging Conference at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa on Friday and Saturday February 16 & 17th.  


This is an amazing event that IHCC helps facilitate each year and youth need to come and learn about how they can further their education and the possibilities that are out there for them!!!!  Each youth and adult that attends must have completed an online registration.  Below is the link for the online registration.  


If you have any questions about the days event don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Thanks so much for all you do for the youth!!!



Name:                                                                                             .

Phone Number:                                                                               .

Address:                                                                                           .                                                 

Email Address:                                                                                .

Tee Shirt Size:                                                                                 .


(Please choose a first, second and third choice for each session group)

Sessions 1 & 2:

____ • Automotive/Collision/Diesel Fix it! Rebuild it! Restore it!

____ • Clinical Lab Sciences – Love Science?

____ • Computer Science: From Apps to Security

____ • Criminal Justice: Some Decisions are Easy

____ • Culinary Arts: A Glimpse into Your Future

____ • Emergency Medical Services – It’s not a job, It’s a calling

____ • Nutrition & Dietary Management

____ • Robotics! Lasers! Engineering!

____ • Welding: Test Your Skills


Sessions 3 & 4:

____ • Your Life in 3D

____ • Taking Steps to prepare for College now

____ • The Game of Life

____ • What is Leadership


                                                          Please select the following you plan on Attending:

____ • Housing Friday Night

____ • Activities/ Dinner Friday Evening

____ • Lunch 12:00 p.m. – 12:45 p.m. Saturday

____ • Job Corps Tour 4:00 – 6:00

____ • Pizza 6:00 p.m. Saturday

____ • Basketball Ticket 7:00 p.m. Saturday Night


10:00 am – 10:45 am Exploration Session 1

11:00 am – 11:45 am Exploration Session 2


Automotive/Collision/Diesel Technology: Fix It! Rebuild It! Restore It!

Like to work with your hands? We do, too. Don’t sit at a desk when you could be driving, racing, fixing, rebuilding, restoring, aligning, and recharging.  Explore the transportation field where you can work on all kinds of vehicles from cars to locomotives.

Clinical Lab Sciences – Love Science?

If you love science classes Clinical Lab Science is the place for you. CLS offers the following three programs Medical Lab Tech (associate’s degree), Clinical Lab Assistant (diploma), and Phlebotomy technician (certificate). During our session we will looking under the microscope to see what surprises live amongst us every day. Plus, the fake arm will be out letting people draw blood from it. Please come join us in the Lab!!

Computer Science: From Apps to Security

Attend this session if you enjoy using computers, solving problems, and working with others on group projects. Experience hands on software development by creating a simple APP for Android devices. Also, learn the different career opportunities in the field of Information Technology from making your computer secure to working with social media marketing

Criminal Justice: Some Decisions are Easy—Session Capacity 25

Do you have a desire to help others, help your community, or help your country?  A career in criminal justice allows you this opportunity and a lot more.  You will have tremendous flexibility in making career choices.  The ability to impact people’s lives on a daily basis is waiting for you.  Come join us and take a turn in our “Use of Force” computer simulator.  Challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to join the criminal justice family. 

Culinary Arts: A Glimpse into Your Future— Culinary Arts Lab – Session Capacity 20

There are more job opportunities globally in foodservice than ever before.  Let Indian Hills provide you with the foundational components necessary to give you the career advantage.  Our culinary session will include a lobster fabrication technique and an exploration of basic cookie decorating technique with our culinary students and instructors.

Emergency Medical Service – It’s not a job, it’s a calling!

We’re way more than just “ambulance drivers.” As part of the allied healthcare team, EMTs and Paramedics provide life-saving interventions and transportation to critically ill and injured patients. We often work in chaotic and unusual circumstances, and we are always ready to answer the call for help. If you think this might be for you, come check it out!

Students in this session will learn about the exciting field of EMS and get hand-on experience performing several of the skills required in the pre-hospital emergency setting. We will discuss high school courses that will help prepare students for this demanding program, as well as the academic requirements to become quality EMS professionals.

Nutrition & Dietary Management

Nutrition & Dietary Management students at IHCC study the science of nutrition, and how to use that science to work in healthcare facilities. In this hands on session, students will test their nutrition knowledge by creating healthy menus and building a healthy snack.

Robots! Lasers! Engineering!

Ever wonder how a robot or laser technician starts their career? Ever wonder what is engineering? This session will provide you an insight into those fields and how PLTW courses in high school can help you explore those possibilities. This session provides you a hands on creative time while learning about PLTW options.

Welding: Test your Skills!

If you like working in a hands-on environment and would like to be a part of one of the most important inventions in the world, than consider a career in Welding. Welding is the principle means of fabricating and repairing all metal products. Welding offers a wide variety of job opportunities around the world, ranging from: agricultural, construction, industry, architectural, sculpting and more. The Welding Technology session will introduce you to the structure of the welding career academy, as well as, the diploma and AAS programs at Indian Hills and the current job market. Students will also have the opportunity to test their welding skills on our Lincoln Virtual Welder.


2:00 pm – 2:45 pm Exploration Session 3

3:00 pm – 3:45 pm Exploration Session 4


"Your Life in 3D"

Why do we enjoy 3D movies?  Because 3D makes the movie come alive.  Desi Payne will talk about your life in 3D and how to make your Dream come alive, so that you will fulfill your Destiny by not becoming Distracted but by becoming Determined.  OK so that was four D' will actually hear many more D's to fulfill the Desires of your heart. Desi Payne – Presenter


Take steps to prepare for college now!

Although college may seem years away, in reality it is right around the corner! Decisions you are making now can affect your college career for years to come! Kristen will explain how to take steps in the right path to ensure you start off your college career the right way! Kristen McMains - Presenter


The Game of Life

The Game of Life is a tricky one!  Every decision you make impacts your future in ways that you may not anticipate.  Education, career, marriage, kids – whoa!  Do you know how to balance where you are at today with what you want to achieve tomorrow?  Join us for an interactive discussion that will allow you to experience a few of life's key moments and make a few independent choices.  “What choices will you make? Will you choose the longer college path toward a high-paying job or choose a trade right away to get paid sooner? Will you express your creativity as an inventor or dancer, or become a veterinarian to help animals? Whatever you choose, you never know what ups and downs you'll encounter along the way.” **  Cassandra Hall- Presenter


** The Game of Life and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.  Spin to Win is a trademark of The Trustee of the Reuben B. Klamer L.T.


What is leadership?

Everyone is a leader in some way, but not everyone chooses to lead well. In this session, Crystal will dive into what leadership really is, how you can be a leader in any situation, and how to discover your own personal leadership style. Crystal Neubauer- Presenter

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