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IFAPA has received special money from Chaffee Funds for teens (age 16 and older) in foster care that can 

only be requested through June 30, 2015. This special grant can be accessed through IFAPA's Friends of 

Children in Foster Care Program. These grants will be available for up to $300 per youth for items such as: 

extra-curricular activities, educational tutoring, senior photos, prom attire, class rings, camps, etc. This 

funding is for all teens (16 years and older) in a foster care placement including shelter, foster family homes, group care, & supervised apartment living. 


To apply for this special funding, please complete a FRIENDS APPLICATION (LINK BELOW) and submit to IFAPA for consideration.

Research study about the impacts of social support on college students who are foster care alumni

Posted on 10/09/2019 at 3:10 PM

Here is an opportunity for current foster youth & foster care alumni who are in college or recently have graduated college...

My name is Malia Minnick and I am a doctoral student in the EdD program with a focus in higher education administration at New England College in Henniker, NH. I am currently seeking participants for my dissertation research study about the impacts of social support on students who were previously in foster care's ability to achieve at the college level.


If you are interested in being a participant (or know someone who is), please read the details of my study below and contact me directly:

Participants of the study must meet the following criteria:

- recent college graduates (within the past ten years) or current college students at a 2 or 4 year institution in the United States

-have been/currently are in the US foster care system. Participants may have aged out, been adopted, or returned to their family of origin after their foster care experience. 


As a foster and adoptive parent myself, I am passionate about the educational success of this population and look forward to conducting my research with them.

Below is a description of my study and methods of contact for me:

My study aims to understand systems of social support in higher education that students involved in foster care perceive that they have access to, their willingness to accept/use such supports, and the gaps where support does not exist for students through a qualitative research design. Participants will all be current or previous youth involved in the United States foster care system who have graduated or are currently enrolled in a two- or four-year college. The aim is to
recruit 20 participants.

Participants will complete a demographic questionnaire to collect information about their time in their time in foster care and college experiences, as well as basic information about their personal identities (age, gender, race, etc.). After completion of the demographic questionnaire, participants will take part in a semi-structured online interview lasting about 1.5 hours, or until saturation of the data has been achieved, via Skype or Zoom.


The focus of this study is to gather information specifically about the impact of social support on college persistence for students involved in foster care, rather than on traumas experienced prior to/during foster care. Participation is voluntary and participants may revoke their consent to participate (or decline answering specific questions) at any time without penalty. Data will be collected via audio recording on a secure recording device. The device will be stored in a locked cabinet. The transcription of data will be done on a password protected computer and encrypted to ensure confidentiality. Names and identifying information will be removed from the transcription and not included in any final reports. After five years, all data will be destroyed.


Qualitative data will be analyzed through qualitative coding by the primary researcher in two cycles, first by applying in vivo codes to capture participants’ voices and then to bring codes together into overarching themes. Results of the analysis will be displayed visually and in the form of a written description with examples in participants’ own words.

If you have any questions about the study or feel that you may qualify as a participant please contact:

Malia Minnick, MEd, NCC

Thank you for your time.


Malia Minnick, MEd, NCC

Forest Lake Minicamp!

Posted on 09/06/2019 at 3:13 PM

Mark your calendars for the next AMP minicamp!

Plan to attend this 2 day event at Forest Lake Campgrounds.  We can promise you indoor & outdoor activities, great food, learning life skills and providing leadership opportunities!  Don't forget the team building games and silly songs around the campfire...


See details on the flyer below and contact your AMP Facilitator to sign you up to attend!


New videos featuring AMP youth & Child & Family Policy Center

Posted on 07/12/2019 at 4:15 PM

Three new videos talking about Families First Act, Iowa Aftercare Services and needing more families for teens feature the voices of AMP youth who were part of the Casey Cohort to bring awareness to issues foster youth face in Iowa.



Iowa Youth Congress & SIYAC are taking Applications

Posted on 05/22/2019 at 9:38 PM


The Iowa Department of Human Rights is now accepting applications for two of our youth initiatives--the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council (SIYAC) and the Iowa Youth Congress (IYC). These are opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills, connect with community leaders, and improve their community through civic engagement and volunteerism. 


If you know a high school-aged student who would be interested in serving on one of these entities, please direct them to the links below.


To apply for SIYAC, visit

To apply for IYC, visit


For more information please visit our website: and click on "Youth".  

AMP Annual Youth Conference...Rise Up!

Posted on 01/14/2019 at 2:27 PM


The Rise Up Youth Conference will be held on Saturday April 6th at DMACC in Ankeny. Below is the link to register for the conference. 

Parents/staff are welcome to accompany teens if they are interested but not mandatory.  There will be AMP staff there to supervise.
Parents & staff need to register with youth so we have a head count for food.  See flyer at the bottom of this email…


We are starting over so if you we registered before you need to register again.  Let me know if you have any questions.



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