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AMP Day on the Hill


AMP Day on the Hill 2020


CLICK HERE for 2020 AMP Legislative Agenda


AMP Day on the Hill 2018

AMP is Iowa's foster/adoptive youth council. This is their Legislative Press Conference where the youth highlight their proposed legislative changes. Media is invited. This event it videotaped and shared widely with the 10 partnership agencies subcontracted with AMP/YSS and all interested legislators. It is the power of youth voice in government. 2018 will be our 7th year. Join us on January 22, 2018 at 2:00pm in the Capital Rotunda!


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AMP Day on the Hill



While every year has different speakers, and some different events, AMP Day on the Hill gives the youth from all over Iowa, an opportunity to go to the Iowa State Capitol building and speak with their legislators about the issues that they find important. Below there is a copy of the most recent agenda that the youth wrote, and every year they write a new agenda based on things that they have been through as youth that have been in out of home placements.

AMP Legislative Agenda 2017  CLICK HERE

Speeches given at the press conference by AMP youth:




Subsidized Guardianship....Hayley


Federal Legislation....Christian


Permanancy Options for Older Youth.....Corey


Erin's Law.....Dalani




Photos from AMP Day on the Hill 2017











For more pictures click on the link below!



We had amazing press coverage at 2017 AMP Day on the Hill... CLICK HERE

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Laws passed by AMP 2006-2016









AMP LGBTQ Legislative Agenda - 2015 Session



Our turnout for the 2016 event.


Some of our speakers with Chris Branstad, 2016. View their speeches below.

Abby's Speech, 2016 CLICK HERE

Jake's Speech, 2016 CLICK HERE

Laticia's Speech, 2016 CLICK HERE

Rebekah's Speech, 2016 CLICK HERE

Tiara's Speech, 2016 CLICK HERE












Jacob Carmi gave a spectacular speech about the anti-bullying legislation for 2015, please watch this video below to hear the words that caught the attention of many while AMP was at the capitol building. 


Some AMP's speakers with First Lady Chris Branstad, 2014
 (Micaela, Chris, Megan, Angel, Jacob & Emily)





                Micaela's Speech, 2014   CLICK HERE                                            Megan's Speech, 2014   CLICK HERE


                    Angel's Speech, 2014   CLICK HERE                                           Jacob's Speech, 2014   CLICK HERE


                     Emily's Speech, 2014   CLICK HERE                                              Brittany's Speech, 2014   CLICK HERE                        


                        AMP members with State Representatives Beth Wessell - Kroeschell and Lisa Heddens - 2014


AMP youth were introduced to the House of Representatives by Beth Wessell - Kroeschell.  They gave us a standing ovation! - 2014


Speaking with legislators about the items on the AMP Legislative Agenda.  Each youth speaks about the items that reflect their life experiences so the legislators hear their personal stories and views on why change is so important on certain issues that the youth come up with every year, view our latest agenda to read about the most recent changes the youth want. 



Watch the full video of AMP Day on the Hill 2014.


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