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Dream Seed Scholarship

Dream Seed Scholarship

"Dreams are the whispers of the soul....listen to your soul's whispers,

for therein lies your destiny"    ~ Nathan Collier

What is the whisper of YOUR soul? The Ames Interfaith Community wants to support your dream.  The focus of the young person's use of Dream Seed funds is to assist in the transition to adult life, including the desire to make a positive contribution to society in realizing an individual dream. This may include pursuing a personal goal related to career, educational or community betterment/development goals.  

Dream Seed fund is not to support therapy or other mental health needs, or meet basic needs for living.  While a youth's particular spiritual path may be of supreme importance that is also not the focus.  For these needs, youth are encouraged to access funding streams connected with the particular areas.

WHAT?                         Dream Seed was created by the Ames Unity Church and is funded by the

                                        Ames Interfaith Community to fund the dreams of young people. It is an

                                        investment in your future!


AM I ELIGIBLE?             A Dream Seed grant is available to an AMP youth age 16 and older who is

                                        served by one of the 12 AMP Councils across Iowa. Youth participating in

                                        the Iowa Aftercare Services Network are also eligible.


AMOUNT?                     Grants of up to $300 will be awarded!  Just fill out the application below....


Two Dream Seed Recipients from the Burlington AMP Chapter.   One is getting

dance lessons and the other is buy photography equipment because she would

like to open her own business some day.    


2021 Dream Seed Scholarship application  CLICK HERE


                                          2021 Announcement Letter   CLICK HERE


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