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Plugged In & Charging


AMP Conference Wrap-up


The 3rd Annual AMP “Plugged In and Charging” Conference took place on Friday and Saturday February 16 & 17, 2018.  It was held at Indian Hills Community College (IHCC) in Ottumwa Iowa.  AMP facilitators partnered with the college to provide a venue for youth to learn about the college experience.  Eighty-one, youth, facilitators and support staff were part of this event.  Youth from 11 of the AMP Councils were represented at this AMP Conference.

Through the generosity of the College, youth were able to arrive on Friday evening and experience time with other AMP youth from around the state.  They were housed in the dorms at the College so that they could see what dorm life entailed.  Thirty-two youth and facilitators had the experience of the Friday evening time at the college.

Saturday, the rest of the youth and facilitators arrived from around the state.  The morning part of the conference engaged the youth in a college tour as well as breakout sessions that allowed youth to explore different degree/diploma programs that the youth had interest in.  Youth had some hands-on opportunities in the laser department, mechanics, criminal justice, and health science field, just to name a few. 

The youth learned to maneuver the IHCC cafeteria to get their lunch followed by the keynote speaker Krista Tedrow. Krista was in the foster care system and from her experiences (good and bad) has developed a passion for helping young adults achieve their maximum potential. As a child of addicts and prison felons, Krista was told she would not graduate high school, have a stable job or start a family.  From the good, the bad, even the ugly, Krista shared her journey of how she overcame the odds to prove them wrong.  Krista created a great interactive activity for all the youth to take part in. 

Following lunch, the participants attended afternoon breakout sessions which included; The Game of Life, Your Life in 3D, the Road to College Success and How to be a Leader. At the conclusion of the afternoon sessions, youth were transported by bus to Job Corps, for a Campus tour and overview of the Job Corps Program. Upon their return to IHCC, dinner was provided to them at Warrior Junction on Campus.  This was followed by the youth and facilitators getting the opportunity to enjoy attending the college basketball game that evening before their return home.

Surveys were completed by the youth sharing their thoughts on the conference and what they enjoyed and learned, as well as what they would change. Positive feedback was again received by youth on how to improve the event but overall youth enjoyed and learned from the event this year.



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