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SECC Mini Conference

2019 Southeastern Community College Mini Conference - March 2, 2019

To register a youth for the SCC (Burlington) mini camp, all you need to do is email<>.  There is no picking breakout sessions.  Just name and where the youth is coming from.  Thanks Jan Shelman



Southeastern Community College Mini Conference - March 4, 2018

53 students from across the state of Iowa attended the ‘Be Your Own Hero’ conference on Saturday at Southeastern Community College.

The attendees were all children, ages to 12-20, that are currently or have previously been in foster care, group homes, juvenile court services, and many other situations. The main goal is to get these children motivated to further their education and to encourage them. PACE program leader at SCC, Jared Reed, said ” I think this fits well with our goal and our mission here at the college. It’s all about the students.”

Young House Family services partnered with Achieving Maximum Potential, or AMP. The goal for both of these organizations is to help children and families. AMP decided instead of having one big conference at the Indian Hills Community College campus, they would have multiple mini conferences around the state. SCC was asked by AMP to be one of the locations this year.

A few staff members with SCC stressed the fact that this event wasn’t a recruitment tactic. SCC’s Vice President of Student Services Joan Williams said ” We thought of the students and their needs and decided the recruitment route isn’t the angle to take. We wanted to be the support and resources that they needed.”

Advertising for this event was kept to a minimum. Lee Wibbell, TRIO Upward Bound program director, said  ‘We kept advertising down because we wanted to make sure the right kids were here. We didn’t want this to turn into a recruitment event. The focus group is low income, first generation students that we want to help motivate to attend college.”

Southeastern Community College’s President Michael Ash opened up the conference with an introduction of the keynote speaker, Dr. Kris Meyer. Throughout Meyer’s presentation, she told little stories about strengths, hard work, and believing in yourself. Afterwards, she helped the kids with skill building activities.

They split the participants up in to 6 groups to rotate between different group work games and a Q&A with current SCC students. To wrap up the conference, each group was taken on a tour of the campus and names were drawn for a raffle.


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