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Talking Wall

“The Talking Wall”

In order to benefit children and youth in Iowa's foster care system, Iowa NYTD is hereby releasing the FFY 2021 Youth Voice Project entitled:  "The Talking Wall" In partnership with DHS and the Iowa Foster Care Youth Council, AMP

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Talking Wall is to provide teens in foster care and juvenile justice system with the chance to speak out and speak up about what they want to see from the system, by asking them to tell us one thing they would like to see happen to improve Iowa's Foster Care and/or Juvenile Justice system.
As teens in foster care paste their idea to each "Wall", youth will be voicing their ideas and learning more about how to appropriately use their voice to make a positive change within Iowa's systems. The "Wall" will display the voices of youth, and will be used to share ideas that could work for youth with lawmakers and other advocates.

IMPLEMENTATION: The NYTD Coordinator will set up a time to facilitate the Talking Wall at your local AMP council meeting during October and November 2020. The idea behind the wall originated from Colorado's Burning Wall. 

If you are currently a part of an AMP council, please make sure to attend council meetings this fall to share your ideas and make sure your voice is heard.  If you are not a part of an AMP council, please share your idea with us below so we can include it for our legislative work in 2021.

If you are a parent/foster parent, social worker or group care staff, your ideas are also welcome!


OUTCOME: Once all of the data is collected and returned, AMP & Iowa NYTD will package and disseminate in ways to give it the most UMPH!!


The Talking Wall will: 

  • Promote youth voice

  • Raise awareness of the needs of youth in the system

  • Improve the foster care and juvenile justice systems

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