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Special thanks to Holly & Joe for all their hard work making this the best camp ever!

Our favorite poets: Wisdom Beyond Words


Poem written by "the Boys" at Variety AMP Camp

My struggle. my pain, I thought it would lead to shame
but as I rise...I start to shine, as I survive through the pools of lies
I'm built like Steve Curry, I was made for the ride
I'm filled up with colors, kinda like tie dye
They never expected a guy like me to think so great of what I will be!

And now they see I got a big team...AMP is the new Dream Team!
We stand together stronger than 10,000 troops
We pass laws for youth cause that's what we do!
If you judge us than who are you?
Nothing is stronger than the AMP Crew!


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Thanks to Variety Club of Iowa for sponsoring another year of Variety AMP Camp!


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