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Brittany's Story

Brittany was seven when her father died and after that she became the victim of physical and sexual abuse. At the age of 11 she went into a group home and was in and out of shelters and group homes until she was 16. When she was around 14 or 15, Brittany ran away from her group home with a friend. She stayed at her friend’s home where a man attempted to physically and sexually abuse her.


Brittany ran away again to escape the situation, and went into a grocery store in hopes of finding some food. There she was approached by a man who asked her if she wanted a modeling job. He said that her tall figure and pretty face would make her the perfect fit. Desperate for money and food, Brittany left the store with the man and went to a house where she was supposed to perform her first job. The man gave her instructions to knock on the door and tell the man who answered that she was there to do a job. She was told to pleasure the man sexually and take the money he gave her. Brittany refused and after the man failed to convince her, he told her she would have to earn her money another way.

Brittany was then taken to a drug dealer’s house to stay and was told that she must escape out the window if the police ever showed up. One day she answered the door and some men were there to take her to a new location. The drug dealer, angry that she had answered the door, stripped her and beat her with a belt until she was so bruised she wasn’t able to sit. That night Brittany was forcibly taken away by the men who came to the door. Brittany felt like she was living in a fictional story as she was moved into a crack house with addicts sticking needles in their arms, roaches crawling around, and no running water. There were armed men guarding the house so she was terrified to even leave the room she was in.

In the following days, Brittany was repeatedly raped by different men and was taken to a hotel where a woman taught her how to do “jobs” like the other prostitutes. She was forced to undress and have pictures taken of her. That night Brittany laid curled up in her room feeling like she had no hope left.

Brittany was given a phone and told that she would have to do whatever job was asked of her. For about a month and a half she was moved around to different hotels in order to avoid police. She was too terrified to try and escape after seeing what happened to girls who tried.

Her rescue came in the form of an undercover police officer. After the officer discovered Brittany she was taken to the police department where the authorities discovered she was only 15.

She was then moved to a juvenile home where she received counseling and began her healing process. After completing the program in 7 months, Brittany was sent to her first and only foster home. Brittany says her foster mother helped her a great deal in her healing.

Through AMP, Brittany has been able to share her story with others and has been actively involved in trying to change the laws related to human trafficking.

On April 4, 2012, Brittany was able to see all of her hard work pay off when House File 2390 was signed by Governor Terry Branstad. This bill relates to obscene material, commercial sexual activity, and human trafficking and is very important to both Brittany and AMP.

Brittany says that going through this situation has made her the strong young woman she is today. She wants to see the world and is making that dream a reality by studying at a travel academy where she is seeking a career in the travel industry. Brittany also wants to study criminal justice with hopes of being an FBI agent one day.

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