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Clarrissa's Story

                Clarrissa, age 16, has been in the foster care system for 2 ½ years.   She has lived in five different foster homes, but she is currently in assisted guardianship with her grandmother.  Assisted guardianship means that her biological parents still have parental rights, but that she is under the care of her grandmother.  At the age of 4, her parents had a meth lab in their house and had created a very unsafe environment for her and her siblings.  They were lucky to have food, and would sometimes have to wait for Domino’s Pizza to throw out their old food if they wanted to eat.  She was often called “mom” by her younger siblings because she took on many of her parents’ responsibilities.  Clarissa and her siblings were pulled from the home when their youngest brother was born with meth in his system.

                Clarrissa did not like foster care at first.  She was in a home with her older sister at one time, but is now living with her younger brother at her grandmother’s house.  There are nine children in her biological family and three of them did not have to go into foster care.  Clarrissa’s father died when she was in 7th grade, and that was really hard for her because she was close to him.  Her mother also committed suicide shortly after her father’s death. 

                Clarrissa has been a part of AMP for three years now.  She has enjoyed getting to share her story, as well as taking part in the AMP video that took over twenty hours to make.  Her grandmother is one person that has always been there for her.  Clarissa has a lot of great advice for foster care youth.  She said that you should never give up on your dreams, and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  She also said to remember that there is always someone else who has had it worse than you.  Clarrissa would like to go on to college and earn a degree in biochemistry, as well as become certified in welding.


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