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Shane's Story

Shane, age 13, has been in the foster care system for two years now.  He is currently in kinship care with his grandmother.  He entered into foster care with his biological brother after their younger brother was born with drugs in his system.  Sean was not completely aware of what was going on at his home, but he does remember that his parents didn’t really know how to parent.  He has one particular memory where he was encouraged to help his father steal from the grocery store.  Sean has several biological siblings, and wishes that he were able to see all of them more.  

                Shane’s grandmother, the AMP program, and his foster parents have all been a strong support system for him.  Shane enjoys being a part of AMP, because it has helped him get through everything.  It has also helped him to open up and be honest about what he has been through.  One AMP event that he really enjoyed was being able to speak at the capitol in Des Moines.  Shane would like to go to the University of Iowa and play football after he graduates high school.

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