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Shania's Story

                Shania is currently 15 years old and has been in foster care for two and a half years. She entered into foster care after Shania and her siblings were abused by her father and later neglected when their father moved away.  Since entering into care two and a half years ago, Shania has been in one foster home.

                Entering foster care was at first a struggle for Shania because of a couple different reasons. Shania was raised in a small town and was then moved to a much larger town when she went to her foster home. This was hard because she is a quiet, reserved person and this made it hard for her to make new friends. While living in her foster home, Shania was also separated from her biological siblings which was very hard for her.

                While transitioning into foster care was a struggle, things did start to look up for Shania. When asked what some positive things about being in foster care were, Shania first replied by saying, “I found someone who loved me.” She was talking about her foster parents and went on to say that she felt the love from them that she didn’t get from her parents. Shania’s foster parents also made it clear that the situation she was in was not her fault and that they truly cared for Shania. Her foster parents also reconnected Shania with her 18 year old sister. Shania stressed how important this reconnection was by saying, “she is my whole support system.” Her sister means everything to her, believes in her, and always encourages her to do better.

                Since entering into foster care, Shania has also gotten involved with Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP). Being a part of this group has helped her meet new people and has allowed her to feel like she can talk and share her story without being judged by others. Shania’s favorite thing she has done with AMP was going to the State Capitol for “Amp on the Hill.” This was her favorite because she liked being around so many people who were all making a difference and she also enjoyed getting to talk to legislators herself.

                Throughout her life, Shania said that graduating the GRLS program is the accomplishment she is most proud of. The GRLS Program is for teens who are struggling with their behavior and focuses on things like anger management and having a positive outlook. Trying to have a positive outlook was especially hard for her because she was so mad at the things that had happened in her life. The staff at the GRLS Program and one staff member in particular that she referred to as, “The other mom I never had” really cared for her and helped her work on being more positive.

                Shania’s foster parents, older sister, the GRLS Program, and AMP have all had a huge impact on her life. They have all helped her to become strong and independent and have also shown Shania that she does not need someone else to make her happy.


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