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Allowed to Ask!

Allowed to Ask!


Am I allowed

To cry in front

Of you?

Can I share with

You my deepest fears,

My darkest secrets?

If I ask you to wait,

To stop,

Will you respect me

And not walk away?

Will you stay and believe

In me?

Can I rely on you

To be my strength,

My fortress?

Am I allowed to

Ask these things of you?

Is it weakness to doubt,

To feel fear?

Can I trust you

And feel safe?

Can I run to you and

Be held by arms I

Don’t know?

Would you pull

Away if I told

You how I really felt?

Am I allowed to

Ask these things

Of you?



You’re allowed

To cry in front of me!

You can share your

Deepest fears, your darkest secrets

With me! You can

Tell me to stop,

To wait! I’ll respect

You and won’t walk

Away! I’ll stay and believe

In you! You can rely on me

To be your strength, your fortress!

You’re allowed to

Ask these things of me!

It isn’t weakness

To doubt, to fear! You can trust me

And feel safe! You can run to me

And I’ll hold you in

These arms you haven’t

Come to know! I won’t

Pull away if

You told me how

You really felt! You are

Allowed to ask

These things of me

Because I love you

For you!!



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