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Before it gets Better!

Before it gets Better!


When you tell me ur hurting

When u say ur in pain

I wonder how I can help

I wonder why u rely on me

When I see u in a low

When I feel ur pain

I try my best to stay on top

But end in tears

When u fail to smile

And be ur happy self

I fight the pain

Of my breaking heart

When u tell me what u did

I fight the urge to

Freak out on u

When u say certain things

I’m ready to beat u down

But stop and love u instead

Why can’t u see

That I care for u

Why can’t you see

That I love

What the heck!

Why can’t you feel the

Falling of my heart?

Why can’t u see

The falling tears

It’s hard to understand

That u can’t grasp

The simple fact

That ur life

Would be so much

Without that

Drug of death!

Let it go!

I know what it does

And I’m oh so

Helpless when you do this

Please understand it’ll get

Worse before it gets better!


- Cristen

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