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Clean Chick Like Me

Clean Chick Like Me


You think because you say you love me

That you’ll get it all from me,

But baby sweetie honey, that’s not how it’s

Gonna be.


I might wear short, shorts and my shirt

Down low,

But that definitely doesn’t mean I am a slut, prostitute,

or hoe.


I will never give it to you cause if you loved

Me you could wait.

Give me kisses, buy me chocolate, or take

Me on a date.


You’d show me off to all your friends.

Tell them how sweet I am.


Say that I’m your only girl, and I say

You’re my only man.


You would take me to the carnival, and

Ride the scary rides with me.


Hold my hand in public

To let the hold see.


See that we’re in love and how happy

You can be without sex, alcohol, or drugs,

but with a clean chick like me.


- Franceska

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