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Dear John

Dear John


Why did you leave me here all by myself?

I didn’t have time to tell you that I was pregnant with your baby.

Why you had everything in your life that most would kill for?

Why did you ask me to marry you if you knew that you wouldn’t last long?
I cried for days over you but it’s not going to stop me from being a teen

People say I need help to get over you but all I need was time to see that you’re not worth the tears

I can see that you are weaker than I thought, as much pain that I’ve gone

I’m still standing and not dead in some grave yard, I always told myself that you were the stronger one

I wanted to spend my life with you but really now I can’t and won’t, after what you did to me

I don’t think I can forgive you for that, not now and ever

People said “Here comes Ashlea and John” but now is just me alone in this place without you

I hear people whisper as I walk past, they think that I should of stopped you

I couldn’t help you in any way you stopped talking about your problems there’s no way I could help

If only you would of talked to me, you would be here with your baby and me, but you just thought it was time to go right

I hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you

I want you here with me, you can hold me, help me now but you can’t you’re dead

Summer will never get to meet her daddy, we talked about it you said you would never leave me

You didn’t want nay of your kids to go through the same thing as you did, not knowing who your dad was

Not knowing if he was alive or dead, I can tell her that you’re dead but I’m not going to tell her why or how

Its not fair that you leave me like you did. If you were still alive I would kill you myself

I wanted to hit you at your funeral but I didn’t want people to think I was crazy and all

O by the way your mom knows that summer is your kid she still calls me and sees her every weekend

She told me that if I ever needed anything just to call her, I told her what I need is dead and barred

She just smiled and said that I’ll find someone that will claim summer as their own and I’ll forget you in time but I can’t every time I see her all I see is you

She has your eyes, the deep blue, your nose and your smile, the way you used to curve your upper lip just a little, your mom said she can see you in her too

She gave me some pictures of you so I can show them to Summer when she gets older

I have to go she’s crying she must have had a nightmare so talk to you later

Love you but hate you

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