I Hide My Feelings Behind a Smile - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

I Hide My Feelings Behind a Smile

Tears fall fast


behind my smile

Inside I’m dying

but no one sees

This happy face

is my protection

This cheerful smile

and elaborate mask

Nobody knows

who I really am

No one but me

see all of my fears

Glimpses are shown

to a chosen few

but the full extent

is behind closed doors

The pain is pushed down

The tears wiped away

Fears locked away

from prying eyes

A smile carefully applied

To be shown to the world

I try to be brave

to hide this hurt

but once in a while

the smile cracks

the mask slips

and I shine through

But still they are blind

to what I feel

too involved in

their silly games

I’m not being moody!

I’m not being unfair!

My anger is just

part of this pain

the sarcasm a disguise

for a cry for help

the tears still fall

behind my smile

inside I die

piece by piece



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