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I'll Never Let You Go

I’ll Never Let You Go


I sit and think of you all day long,

about our favorite books and our favorite songs.

You are my angels, caring for you is what I do.

You give me purpose, for this I thank you.

Each day I wake up to see your beautiful smiles.

I take care of you, enjoying myself all the while.

Jade, you’ve been here for two short years.

For me those years have been filled with happiness and fears.

Fear that I may not care for you as well as I should.

Happiness that I was given the chance to see if I could.

Lillyann, you’ve been here for three weeks,

I can’t help but love your big eyes and your chubby cheeks.

You two are my world, you make my life complete.

Without you I am nothing, you make me strong when I am weak.

My beautiful baby girls, I just want you to know.

I love you with all my heart, I’ll never let you go.


- Megan


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