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Life's a landslide when you're dancing..

Life’s a landslide when you’re dancing with scorpions


I’ve spent this life fitting in the periphery

Succumbing to the night; a tragedy over time

Tension built up like a sad nursery rhyme

Every inspiration has fallen apart

Stuck wandering in these dreams

Where everything isn’t always as it seems

Yet nothing is ever real divine

I’ve been waiting on some kind of epiphany

And I’ve taken what’s mine

And twisted up the melody

Created what God would never design

Rebuilt it all

Can you save me now dear?

Jumping off the edge in a complete free fall

Longing for change, tell me is it near?

Because the music within portrays such a catastrophe

Tuned out all faith from above

Always playing in the devils key…

Can you hear it now love?

It’s the sound of lullabies

Breaking out of denial

Singing their way through these hellfire eyes

Kissing the sun with this morning glory smile

Darling come dance the day away with me

Forget about everything for a little while

I can paint you the colors of my life’s symphony

Can you see it now dear?

I just want you to know who I am.




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