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Like strangers

Like strangers

I grew with them
I raised them
Took care of them
Like I was their mother
I worried about them
(How would they fair without me?)
(Were they strong enough to deal with the lost of both their mother and sister?)
But there was nothing I could
I was dealing
With my own issues
But if I could I would turn back time
I would take back all the mean things I did and said
And say the unsaid words
If that could make us now as close as we were

But now it's like we don't know each other
Awkward silences almost too much
They break my heart
Because these are the same small boys
That liked yellow and red
Loved power rangers and pokeman
And had dreams
Now men
That I don't know
(That I don't know )
But maybe slowly
We can get to know
One another
And get to a point
To be like we were before we're
Like Strangers



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