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My Fairy Tale

My Fairy Tale


Have you ever loved somebody so much it hurts inside?

When they’re not there you feel alone and have nowhere to hide.

Have you ever felt so strongly you didn’t know what to do,

because you wanted everyone to understand and be happy with you?

Have you ever wanted something so bad you’d do anything?

No matter what it took you’d have it in the end.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you my fairy tale.

It’s about a friend of mine, who happens to be male.

I was staying at my dad’s, new years of ’06.

He walked in and my thoughts began to twist.

He looked too good to be true, I felt lost in a dream.

I would never have him, or so it seemed.

He sat on the couch across the room from me.

He was the only thing I thought of, the only one I could see.

His hair was black and he wore a tight black shirt.

Give it up, he’ll never go for me for sure.

He had a tattoo and an awesome go-tee.

Once I even saw him looking at me.

He was new to town and didn’t know his way.

He called me for a ride the very next day.

We began spending a lot more time together.

I let him know I had feelings for him and would do whatever.

He told me I was too late, he was to be married soon.

I didn’t give up I was going to do what I had to.

Soon he gave in, which gave me such bliss.

He promised to care for my child as if she were his.

He was there through the delivery, I was so lucky to have him.

Little did I know the truth would come out in the end.

We were together for nine short months and things were great.

How was I to know he was so unhappy? So full of hate.

I asked him to watch my daughter just long enough to go up town.

When I returned home I was horrified at what I found.

There was my beautiful baby lying by herself.

She was crying and I knew she needed my help.

As I approached her I knew things weren’t right.

Her little hand was swollen, blisters shining bright.

I yelled for him “what happened” was all I could say.

He replied “she must have gotten splashed is she okay?”

I took her to the hospital like any good mother would do.

As they took care of her, the police showed up and wanted to know what I knew.

They informed me that my daughter’s injuries were no accident.

They apologized that my daughter and I had to go through this.

Soon after he was arrested and is in prison today.

I couldn’t believe he would do this I only had one thing to say.

I needed to know his reasoning, I wanted to know why.

He said he couldn’t tell me he just wanted to die.

My tale did not have a happy ending but a point I must get across.

Beware before you jump in feet first, you just might get lost.


- Megan

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