Probably wasn't what you wanted anyway - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

Probably wasn't what you wanted anyway

Probably wasn't what you wanted anyway

I just want to say sorry to the people
That might have adopted me

(That might have loved me the way I needed to be love
That might have healed my heart
That might have gave me compassion when I needed
That might have been there when I needed someone to lean on)

I chose for you
Instead of taking a chance
Of letting you get the chance
To know me
And decide for yourself
Rather or not
You might
Want me
I was a coward
Too afraid for anyone to love me
I just didn't want to be rejected again
(Why would anyone love me if my own mother couldn't?)
I felt like I was too broken
"Probably wasn't what you wanted anyway"
But sometimes I wish
I would have been braver
And allow you to decide that for yourself
Maybe I would have ended up a different kid

So if you have a chance to get adopted
Take it
Don't be afraid to let someone love you
Like I was


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