Raven - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential




I’m trapped in a hole, always trying to escape, but never succeeding.

My nails are bleeding, my feet are blistering, my skin is gray and sickly

All from trying to escape.

The sunlight fades; something reflects a crescent moon of light

The air seems to get thinner

As the water sloshes around my feet, I look for a sign of hope.

A bird, a raven flies over, a fern tree drops down.

A sign of hope

A sign of new beginnings

All of it has brought me new strength

I dig my fingers into the holes on the wall, ignoring the pain

I place my foot on to a rock

Yet try as I might I loose my footing

I slip and fall backwards

I feel my head splitting.

The blood pushing down my neck

I sigh

As I turn my head to the side, I see the down feather

I see it, yet then the darkness of death, slowly covers my vision.

And I let it consume me, as I fade into the valley of death.

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