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I reached out for your hand

You didn’t seem to care;

You can only reach so far

When no one else is there.


Others also reached for you

Hoping to make you see;

That we’re just as important

As he will ever be.


We wish we could reach further

But we are only so strong;

We hoped your eyes would open

So that you’d see you’re wrong.


It hurts to have to reach far

When you once were so near;

It’s hard shouting out for you

With our voices you don’t hear.


We wish you’d extend your hand

And sense the friendship there;

Knowing what our memories mean

Showing us you still care.


We realize you don’t reach back

Instead his hands with yours;

You can’t handle both the worlds

So you close common doors.


We’re done reaching for the past

You are now on your own;

We hope he is all worth it,

Without him you’re alone.


- Jill

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