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Really Heal!

Really Heal!


When I found out

I already knew

On the way there

I already knew

I woke up and something

Didn’t feel right

It felt like a part of me

Died I felt disconnected

From the world

I lost what was needed the most.

Two years before

I guess I already knew

And still nine years later

The pain is too much to bear

But day by day

It gets easier to cope

Living in memories is

A slow death

So as I live day by day

No longer regretting

The missed opportunities

But cherishing the short time together.

Understanding that you need to go

And now knowing I’ll see you again

Hoping it wasn’t painful

Wishing I’d got to say bye

Now knowing that it was better that I didn’t

Get to

Pain no longer holding me

I release your face

And really start to heal.

I love you!




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