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Something Here Beautiful Will Grow

Something Here Beautiful Will Grow


I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders

Gotten stronger, wiser, and just plain older

Done what I never thought I could do calmed the waters, moved the boulders

A balance of warmer..…colder

I’ve fought with all I’ve got

Got all the chips on my shoulders from the shots

Been to hell and back

Found a way through the darkness with no maps

Died and come back again

I’m never gonna pretend

I’ve cried, laughed, argued, and seen more than you’ll ever know

But it’s time to move on and get on with the show

I want to lay down and rest I’m tired

With the purple circles under my eyes, if I said I wasn’t I’d be a liar

This war has taken its toll

To move on I don’t have to be told

I’m looking onward to different pastures

I’m endin the war with this final battle

This final strike, final blow

With the past debris all around me

When all is said and done something here beautiful will grow

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