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Start All Over Again

Start All Over Again

We're packing again
The excuses the same
The family different
(Sometimes it feels as if our hearts have been too bruised for it to matter
anymore if we move or not but it does..we are THE REJECTED yet again and it hurts....)
False goodbyes and empty hugs
(I just wanna go home to my mommy)
"We'll miss you.":
They mouth as we drive away.
And we mouth the same to them.
But truthfully we were barely there long enough for us to memorize their names.
We'll be on to our next family in a few hours.
We take each other hands
And squeezed

Getting ready for the expected
But the unfamiliar
The new family
The new names to learn
The new rooms
The new beds
The new rules
The new school
The new teachers
The new kids
The new friends to be made
And like so many times before we'll
Start all over again.


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