The Best I Can Be - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

The Best I Can Be

You want me to be something that isn’t me


You want me to see things I cannot see

You want me to think things that are incredibly impossible

Why won’t you let me be me?

I wish I could be the things you’ve been

I wish I could see the things you’ve seen

But when it comes to me the only thing I see is

Fear and scared tears and blocked doors

And love that I wish would come true to belong in my life

People say they care and they want to be in my life

When the true me comes out it seems as though it’s not me

I wish I knew the right way

I can only say the things I know

If feels like you don’t understand

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so bland

I know the things I do are wrong sometimes

But I still need the care and guidance of any other kid

I know I still need help

Sometimes I want to cry, no lie, with a loud yelp

I know you think I have the skill

But honestly I ‘d have to say

That it’s harder than you think to do the things that you want me to do

IT’s not that I won’t learn

Because I’m willing to try

I want you to know

No matter what


I will be on my way

I won’t have all the sills to be successful

But at least I’m trying

And that’s all I can do

So accept me for me

And let me try to

Be the best I can be



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