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Torn Wings

Torn Wings


I fly among the treetops, weaving in-between the branches

My wings are torn, my hair falls in cascades

My skin is milky white, my dress is long

I clutch my amulet

The sign of those who are forever lost.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out

My breaths are ragged

I choke on my tears, I fly across the lake

I dip one wing in, I let the water spray and damage my beautiful, ugly wings.

I finally plunge into the icy waters

My instinct is to fight and get free from the water

But I am too weak, too tired and sad

I let my hand go limp, then the rest of me

Soon my head rolls back and I let the bubbles escape my lips

I close my eyes.  My last sight, the sparkling water.

My brain goes fuzzy, I can’t think

Soon everything goes black and I can’t see.



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