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Untitled 10

I felt like my world had fallen apart.

That the people who should have been there and cared for me just abandoned me in the drop of a hat. That I had to choose who I wanted to love and care about. I stopped loving and caring about anything and everything; anything and everyone. Wanting to move forward, but afraid I’ll forget who I am and what I’ve overcome. Missing that connection, I once had, but knowing deep down that I may never love or care like that again. So I’m left feeling…



lost in my head

stuck in the past

wondering what I did!

Seeing joy

and happiness

all around me

wanting and needing a family

But left thinking about

What I did.

Someone tried to Break me,

but I’m still here, still standing.




about how I CAN change

To prove to YOU, I CAN DO IT!

To prove to them that they missed out

on what a wonderful person I can be



all those who didn’t give me a chance

You made me TOUGH, you made me Fearless

You’ve Shaped me into the

Young person I am today.

I chased my Dreams

And fighting all odds.

Someone tried to Break

Me, but I’m still

Here, still standing.

Standing STRONG


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