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Untitled 11

She was 7 years old when her world began to fall

Her father died and her mom replaced him with another man

She watched through her little blue eyes as her mother was abused

Her mother was a changing and things would never be the same

This girl took a RISK

ran away….


doing anything to survive

Put out for human trafficing against her will

She had no one to turn to….no place to go

She was numb

no body, no soul

She gave up fighting

She became a scared and broken 14 year old girl

Someone tried to break me but I’m still here, I’m still standing, and I’m standing strong

God was watching over her

She was saved from the life she was living

Not only by God but by a woman

When she met her she looked into her eyes

She felt safe, secure, comfort

Feelings she hadnt felt for a long time

God couldnt have choosen someone better to be this girls new mother

That 7 year old girl is now 18

18 and standing strong

She’s got dreams and places to be

She’s gonna be somebody someday

This girl is strong, not weak

Alive, not dead

Has faith, not fear

This girl is just beginning, not ending

This girl is me!

and someone tried to break me but im still here im still standing, and im standing STRONG



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