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Untitled 13

Someone tried to break me DOWN but I’m still HERE and I’m still standing and I’m Standing STRONG

It all hit me when the one I called Dad my Hero the man I was wanting to become was holding my sister by the throat up against the wall

I knew I had to change or change what was happening.

I got moved to a better family So I thought I did

I mean I already lost my first parents didn’t think it would happen twice. I Loved them and it seemed like they loved me but I was wrong after they adopted me they Changed they showed their real side the side where I wasn’t anything to them. I thought they were the ones they kicked me out of there family. I was torn my heart was songe

Someone tried to break Me Down but I’m still Here and I’m Still Standing I’m Standing Strong. Then this woman Come in to my life and told me that you don’t throw away kids and hugged me and guess what Now Im proud to Call her mom thanks Ruth

So go head try to break me down but I’m Still Standing Here And I’m Standing STRONG.

Thanks MoM


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