Untitled 14 - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

Untitled 14

Choking. Losing conscience

gasping for air on my own emotions

watching as tears flood my eyes

and then become thirst Dry like

a parched desert,. No life lingers

in me as my Soul escapes my

weary body. Blood no longer

flows in my veins. As my body

struggles for my last chilled breath

Doing everything possible to lay here

numb…letting my mind drift

away the pain. Someone tried to

break me, But I’m still here

I’m still standing and I’m

Standing strong…Bruised but

not broken, Daily conquering

my past…Determined to stand

Determined to fight…determined

to beat the odds to be strong

and have the courage to love

and the strength to survive…

Someone tried to Break me

but I’m still here I’m Still

standing and I’m standing



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