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Untitled 15

Its a struggle to define

the beauty in ones own soul

its a constant battle to fill those empty space

in ones own heart

and its a fight just to press on.....


broken down so small

used numerously

forgotten about for FAR too long


her heart craved to be loved

her hands trembled in fear when touched

her body lay weaken



abused and broken

described her body......

but could not claim her soul


hushed by the shame of the past 

haunted by the constant memories

powerless over her own mind


daily confusion on what she did wrong ….

home after home after home

failure after failure

her whole life was contained in one black trash bag ….

she began to feel numb....

began to die inside...

she began to become a victim....




slowly...she began to allow herself to feel the pain and recognize it was real.....


she began to finds the pieces and arrange them.....


she began to find her voice ….

and then pride... then came..

her story...


she become confident

and strong

and from that she became...free


free from the pain

the denial

from the victim role....


she gained the strength to share her thoughts

her experiences her dreams


to rise above and take back her power.... her life....


this girl was me... afraid of the world knowing my pain and the darkness of my heart....


I was too weak to be a survivor now... I am to strong to be a victim.....


too broken to be love, but now...to loved to be broken


I'm too powerful not too stand....


it takes courage


it takes strength


 it takes a a person with an internal fire to conquer their past


to get up off their knees after falling and stand again


 it takes a person with pride and dignity to step forward and lead …..AND


 I cant think of any one better then you..........


Senator Grassley....




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