Untitled 16 - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

Untitled 16

Unfailing, unbroken


I move unseen

Finally written down

Hard to admit

Tears finally cried

Pain expressed

But the pain only grew

I thought it’d be released

But I was greatly mistaken

I reach for a place to grip

Yet it’s all smooth surfaces

It makes me wonder

If I’m climbing a glass wall

Instead of a jagged mountain

I guess I just gotta deal

But I really don’t want to

If I’m mistaken and want what’s broken

Am I crazy

Or just confused

If I speak with the unspoken

Will I hurt those around me

If I open up and let people see “me”

Will it scare them away

Am I supposed to hide

Or can I be free

Am I supposed to act like I’m fine

Or can I break down and cry

Will I have a shoulder to cry on

Or am I to use my pillow

Can I speak my mind

Or do my thoughts and opinions have to be locked in a box

And thrown away to sea

Can I rely on you to tell me things

Will work out in the end

Am I allowed to trust you

And feel unjudged

Can I show you my soul

And know that you’ll be there

No matter what



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