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Untitled 2

Broken promises, solid thoughts, fading feelings.

Forgive me now, for I am healing.

White: the color of salvation.

I swallow them eagerly with much anticipation.

Waves of thought crash down over me.

Someday I will finally be free.

No longer will broken promises come to haunt.

I am at the bottom now, normality is all I want.

A raging river of thought twists and turns through my mind.

I am anxious to be me again, though it’s me I have to find.

Feelings of doubt are finally ceasing,

beautiful smiles and laughter increasing.

Soaring hopes, endless potential, achievable goals.

Building burning deep within my soul.

Rising, collecting, boiling to the top.

Please I beg of you, don’t let it stop.

I need this to work, I’m not being unrealistic.

I’m not psychotic, crazy or terribly sadistic.

Rational, logical, grounded that’s me.

Help me peel the layers, leave those things to see.

I’m on my knees begging, it’s help that I seek.

I need you, I can’t do it, I am too weak.


-Megan Polson

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