Untitled 3 - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

Untitled 3

In a living cesspool

you drown daily

being absorbed in waste,

trying to accomplish something

within the pain of living.


Breathing becomes exhaustive

the will to survive dreams away

into another fairy tale,

reality being too abusive

to contend with possibilities.


Door to the outside mind

hurts the souls purpose,

yet an angel storms within you

cries tears needing love

seeking others in companionship.


Solace of others merging

into a bouquet of understanding

unique bonding surviving together

hugging magnetism needed affection

claiming individuality of therapy.


hold my hand, feel my heart

take my smile into your soul

let my words caress your thoughts

help me understand why

I must keep trying to reach others.


I stumble fall and grow weary

crawl into a hole and hide,

the veil of purpose elevates me

haunting me as a mere child

driving me to more unknown abrasions.


There is no hiding fate,

I fear success as much as failure

for happiness lies between the two

in a balance that defies logic,

struggling reasoning to keep afloat.


Depression challenged exhilaration

lying within creative magical potions

upswings releasing souls of their bondage

flying the skies of dancing fire flies

warmth of accepting your destiny.

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