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Untitled 6

The beatings were tiring, the silence rare

The fighting painful, but the words…deadly


Like poison that flowed so freely and swiftly off the lips

Like sap that oozes off pine trees and sticks to your fingers

It had its way of sticking too…


Broken, forgotten, tired, lonely

These words describe the physical

But let’s not forget the mental…the spiritual


The passion of every individual, every child that thirsts

Whose passion to conquer and survive…to stand and say no more

And lift their voice whether small and soft as a summer wind

Or loud as the ocean floor


Let us remember our youth in the system…our children…our world

Let us unite together and make a stand, allowing our voice to echo with no end

Let us remember those who once were forgotten


Let’s make this month foster care awareness month

Changing views…lives…and making dreams come true TOGETHER!



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