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Untitled 7

I sat and watched as needles pierced

their arms. I was 9 an didn’t have

Parents to call mine. They were gone

and I was the one playing mom. Then they

Left and came back even worse than before

And before I knew it They were gone. I

Sat their asking myself what did I do wrong

was it my fault? Was I the one to blame?

Sitting in foster homes where I wasn’t

accepted for me. They always wanted to

change me when all I wanted to be was me.

Some were great while others were lame; but for

me life was never again the same From then on I

was fighting to be free from all the mistakes

the others say were suppose to follow me.

Four years later, they were finally gone

The worst hit, was my mom.

She swallowed the pills….then she was gone.

At least with my Dad, we knew it was coming

Someone tried to break me, but I’m here still Standing

Still Standing Strong!

Now I have friends who love me…for me

Others who can relate and Now I’m better, better than ever

before. Where one door closed another one opened.

Someone tried to break me…but I’m Still here standing

Still Standing STRONG!

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